Top 4 Best HP Portable Photo Printers At Low Prices

Faced with a variety of offers on the market, it turns out that choosing the Best HP Portable Photo Printers of 2023 is far from a breeze, especially if you are not a connoisseur.

For your convenience, our buying guide is designed to detail the essential points to remember.

It will, among other things, develop the technical characteristics to be considered as the technology used, the design and the different functionalities. It will also highlight some quality products, among which you can fix your choice.

The HP Sprocket is, for example, at the top of the list. With a very modern design, it can print directly via a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth. This photo printer has a print resolution of 313 x 400 dpi and works with HP ZINK Photo Paper.

The HP Officejet 200 printer is also one of the most popular. It records an industry print speed of up to 10 ppm in black and up to 7 ppm in colour.

Best HP Portable Photo Printers 2023

Portable printers are becoming a must-have device nowadays if you love taking photos and want to print those on the spot. Our team has selected the Best HP Portable Photo Printers of 2023 after massive research and testing.

Best HP Portable Printers 2022RatingPrice
HP Sprocket
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HP Sprocket Plus
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HP OfficeJet 200
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HP OfficeJet 250
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1: HP Sprocket – Portable Photo Printer

HP Sprocket  -HP Portable Photo Printer
HP Sprocket

This model of the HP brand does not use any ink to finally print your photos. No need to be burdened with the task of reloading ink with him in addition to the ever-present cleanliness of the device. 

With its Bluetooth technology, you can directly use it and print all your photos via your smartphone or tablet.

It should also be noted that this model is compatible with HP ZINK Photo Papers. By using the HP Sprocket application, you can edit your photos with your Smartphone whether you are on iOs or Android, and print directly via social networks. 

Weighing only 172 grams in all, this device will be manageable and easy to use.

Difficult to be indifferent to this model which, according to its users, would be the most powerful in its category. Indeed, its use does not require ink. 

It is thanks to this ease of use that this product is also popular on the market.


  • There is no need to use ink to print your photos, so you will have the constraints of reloading.
  • This product incorporates the Bluetooth system that will allow you to print directly from your connected devices such as smartphones or others.
  • Despite its performance, this product is the cheapest in this category. Therefore, its purchase will help you save money.


  • This device changes the tone of the colors.

Main Explained Characteristics

Template and practicality

This cute little all-white printer size 7.5 x 11.6 x 2.3 cm turns the heads of teens, even adults. It is perfect to print beautiful pictures of your days, your holidays, and moments that you want to engrave instantly.

You will walk with her in the pocket or in your purse, for women, without even being suspected of having it on you.

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So if you take a picture, alone or in a group, and want to share the snapshots or get images to hang in a frame, to stick in an album, in a format of 5 x 7.6 cm, then you feel good.

HP Sprocket - HP Portable Photo Printer
HP Sprocket

Compatibility and customization tools

If you want to use it on iOs and share your borderless photos directly on social networks, then you will need to install the HP Sprocket app. The user will not have to worry about setting the product to the blind.

Thanks to the application, the most creative will be able to customize their snapshots and write comments, frames, and filters before publishing or printing. 

Stickers fit on any medium: refrigerator, paper, filing cabinet, phone back, wallet, photo frame.

After starting the machine and connecting it to your smartphone, you remove the cover and put the photo papers topped with the blue card attached to the batch in it. 

You close and can start. It should be noted that the printer tray holds up to 10 sheets per turn. So for a vacation or an outing to the beach, consider taking several.

Photo format, Instructions, and Autonomy

Once the photo is taken or when you arrive at your home, in front of your album or collage, you remove the back sticker and put the photo. You just have to decorate. 

All you need to do is turn on Bluetooth on your device, identify the HP portable photo printer, and send the files.

The renderings are crisp and the colours are authentic on the paper without ink or smudge, delivered with the device. This is understandable with a print resolution of 313 x 400 dpi.

On the other hand, for the battery of 500 mAh, it will be necessary to envisage two if you intend to print tons of photos all day.

At worst, it will take you 2 hours to fully recharge. Which pleased many users.

Our Verdict

Of all the HP portable photo printers this one seems to appeal to most people, big and small. It’s a good way to have fun and at the same time to capture your highlights.

2: HP Sprocket Plus – Instant Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Plus - HP Portable Photo Printer
HP Sprocket Plus

HP Sprocket Plus is one of the best portable printers of 2023 available in the market. In shape, it is almost the same as the HP Sprocket Photo Printer but it has the advantage of printing relatively large photos than this.

It can print 30% larger photos than the HP Sprocket. It is a small Photo Printer that is very easy to carry if you are travelling or going somewhere.

With this Photo Printer, you can easily print Photos using wifi. It has a very easy Wifi configuration setting that even a person using it for the first time can understand and do it easily.

It has amazing print Quality and gives high-quality Smudge-proof Prints on the HP ZINK Paper. This Product also has a One-year Official Warranty so in case of any issue, you can easily claim this product.

HP Sprocket Plus is one of the most selling Portable Photo Printers on Amazon. It provides the best value for money and it is a worth buying photo printer. So that’s why we label it as the best HP portable photo printer of 2023.


  • 30% Larger Photos on 2.3 x 3.4 Sticky-Backed Paper.
  • Excellent Print Quality.
  • Very easy to Cary.
  • Elegant Design.
  • Amazon’s Choice (Best selling Portable Photo Printer on Amazon).


  • Available in limited colors.

3: HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer - HP Portable Photo Printer
HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer

The HP Officejet 200 is a model that combines efficiency and elegance. With its specific design, you will have a modern device that will enhance the beauty of your office. 

Its efficiency will be seen in the result of its work since if you use it in black printing, the speed will go up to 10 ppm and 7 ppm in case you want to print in colour.

The device has a USB 2.0 connection that will allow you to print directly your photos by using a key for example. With standard WiFi, you will be able to use the device by connecting it with your smartphone.

To control all the features of the device, you can use its 2-inch screen in monochrome. It is a compatible inkjet model with HP 62 cartridges in case you run out of ink.

To answer your question about where to buy the best HP portable photo printer, we offer this model that combines design and performance.

This could be a strong candidate if only for its efficiency which has nothing to envy other models in its category.


  • If you are still unsure about the best portable printer brand to choose then this article will surprise you with its speed which can reach 10 ppm for black and 7 ppm for colors.
  • The presence of USB 2.0 connectivity can be used to directly print photos from a USB key. This device is also equipped with standard Wi-Fi that will allow you to connect it with all devices such as tablets or others.
  • Elegant Design.


  • Wi-Fi mode is a little bit complicated.

Main Explained Characteristics


Once plugged into the power outlet, this model prints at a speed of 10 ppm black and 7 colours. It takes about 12 seconds to finish printing a black sheet and two small seconds more if it is in colour.

Its unique USB port allows you to load your files to transfer on paper in seconds from your phone, laptop, tablet, external hard drive or key, SD card, and any other device. what other external storage devices.

HP portable photo printers typically work on smartphones and Apple devices.

If you do not have a transfer cable, the printer ships a standard WiFi. Consumers say they had a little trouble setting up the printer’s WiFi though. But thanks to the management software, things are done quickly.

Buyers face the same difficulties in duplex printing mode. The spooler tends to get stuffed, suddenly the user must often intervene to troubleshoot the device.

HP OfficeJet 200 - HP Portable Photo Printer
HP OfficeJet 200

Compatibility cartridges, dimensions, image quality

The reference is compatible with HP 62 cartridges, which can be found quite easily on the market.

The 2-inch screen clearly shows the details of the operation, making your job easier.

For a portable printer, it is still a size 40 x 30 x 25 cm. This is quite bulky compared to other more compact products that are the size of a tablet or phone. It’s the same for the weight of 2.5 kg. That said to walk around the house, does the trick. 

On the other hand, in this case, be careful not to bump the machine everywhere or to beat it. The plastic shell remains quite fragile, even if the product is guaranteed a year by the manufacturer.

The quality of the image is correct, the colours are faithful to the digital format for professional documents

If you intend to print photos by cons, it may be that the reference is a little limited resolution side, but nothing very degrading.

Autonomy and installation

On the side of autonomy, if you use it only at home, you will not have to leave it connected permanently as with conventional versions. 

The battery holds properly. And we do not have to take the lead with the various connections and wiring.

The user has much more room and the decor is less crowded. The battery takes about 90 minutes to refill on an electrical outlet, according to comments. On the other hand, if you want to work longer on it, think about getting spare batteries.

Our Verdict

There is nothing to complain about the speed of work and the performance in terms of image quality concerning this model. By cons, the manufacturer could have further dug into the ergonomics side.

4: HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

HP OfficeJet 250  - HP Portable Photo Printer
HP OfficeJet 250

The HP 250 Mobile AiO model works with inkjet technology. Thanks to this one, you will be sure to have fast and impeccable work. 

Using the printer function, you can have speed up to 10 ppm in black and 7 ppm in colour. If you use this product to copy, this speed will go up to 8 ppm in black and 4 ppm in colour.

With a USB 2.0 port, you can print your photos directly via a USB key. With the direct WiFi service, you will be able to print using your smartphone.

In case you still miss it, you can charge the device with HP 62 cartridges. It should also be noted that this model weighs only 2.9 kg which will greatly facilitate its use and transport. To control all its features, you can use its 2.65-inch screen.

By looking closely at this HP 250 Mobile AiO, you will finally know which HP portable photo printer to choose. He is especially appreciated for his ability to make very fast prints to help you save a lot of time.


  • This system allows printing speeds up to 10 ppm for black and 7 ppm for colors.
  • With its weight of 2.9 kg, this model is among the lightest in this ranking. This criterion simplifies use and also facilitates transportation when needed.
  • The 2.65-inch screen is very useful for controlling all the features that are present on this device.


  • Wifi settings are difficult.

Best HP Portable Photo Printers: Buying Guide

Taking pictures has become an innate reflex nowadays. Of course, after taking these photos, it will print to immortalize each moment. For the result to be flawless, the quality of the image must be at the rendezvous and it is the quality of the HP portable photo printer that will determine it.

Buying Guide of Best HP Portable Photo Printers
Best HP Portable Photo Printers: Buying Guide

There are many models of HP portable photo printers available on the market today. Faced with this diversity, it is advisable to use the advice of a product comparison to find the most appropriate model for you. Important criteria will help to make this choice.

The first attraction of a portable printer is its ease of use. This criterion is seen mainly because the device is portable and not bulky. In addition, the use of this device is summarized by the connection of the device and its start. Generally, this type of product prints photos in 10X15.

The best model, besides being practical, must always be economical and fast while keeping the quality at the level of the image. 

Admittedly, the use of this kind of printer is limited to printing photos, but the quality is really present. We can even say that the result is closer to professional laboratories.

Concerning the technology used by this type of printer, two types share the market equitably recently. There are inkjet printers and printers that work with the principle of thermal sublimation

The inkjet principle focuses on the ejection of ink droplets directly onto the paper. While thermal sublimation reproduces exactly the image by superimposing three primary colours on the paper namely yellow, magenta and cyan.

More advanced models superimpose a fourth transparent layer acting as a protective varnish. 

These models do not work with ink, but rather with a solid material that will turn into gas when it comes into contact with the heated print heads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use an HP portable photo printer?

Wireless printers flood the market and offer countless benefits. Modern and removable, they have a particularly attractive design. 

Those of the HP brands is in this category. HP Portable Photo Printers are convenient and easy to use. 

However, it remains difficult to apprehend the device when one is not a connoisseur. We invite you to follow up with us on the actions to adopt.

How to use an HP portable photo printer?
How to use an HP portable photo printer?

Install the HP Portable Photo Printer

Start unpacking the carton device. Plug it into an electrical outlet. When referring to the device manual, turn it on by pressing the “On” button. 

You will notice a light come on. Insert your ink cartridges by gently handling the printer. And connect it to a device. The first hardware configuration will take a few moments.

Insert printer toners

Some models use ink cartridges or toners. Others are more revolutionary and no longer use inks. To insert the toner into the printer, turn on the power. 

Lift the cartridge access door and you’ll see slot carts stand out. Slide the cartridges indoors, being careful to place them in the correct orientation.

Choose the connection modes

The connection modes depend on the models. An HP portable photo printer connects to its devices with Bluetooth. 

But, usually, she uses an automatic wireless connection. WiFi is also an option. The protected WiFi configuration blocks alien access to the printer. Among other things, you also have the configuration of the wireless network via a USB cable.

Configure devices to the printer

The configuration is simple under Windows. Enter the control panel of your computer. Click the “Add Printer” in the “Devices and Printer” tab. Once done, choose “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”. 

A list will be displayed and you just need to select your device. A driver accompanies the printer. Install it on your computer following the instructions.

Print with a Wifi printer

HP portable photo printers connect to the Wi-Fi network. No need for cables, the Wi-Fi network allows you to connect both devices. To do this, connect the tablet, iPhone, or PC to the printer already configured. 

Enter the settings of the accessory and choose the print menu. You will see the cloud on your device. It will ask you for the access code or the IP address or the password of it. Insert it and start printing.

Print from your mobile phone

You can print text documents, photos, and web pages via your mobile. Connect the two devices. Enter your document to be processed, and choose the Print menu. 

Have a look at the print preview and click on the device plugin. Choose the print settings and start the trick by pressing “Print”.

When you can not find the print option in your application, choose the “Share” function found in the “Send” menu.

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