5 Incredible Features of Kodak Photo Printer – Review

Everyone wants that the photo of her, or his looks fantastic. The digital world is growing day by day so people’s expectations from the world also increasing. This will only happen with the great technology of the Kodak Photo Printer.

Many photographers or work deserve the best visual representation possible to exist in the world as more than just a catchy social media post.

We ultimately separate our work in the way it compels and grabs people’s attention. We always try to work in a better way to showcase our work to display in a large format in a beautiful frame to mister fire your friends and family.

The Best Photo Printer for Mac is to Get you Started with Confidence.

A superb photo printer has all the specifications that can generate a beautiful picture. I do pervasive research and testing. I put together a list of options that will meet a buyer’s needs, and this is going to be one of the best photo printers for Mac.

So, in today’s blog, I will cover the best photo printer for mac users, which is also affordable and produces high-quality images.

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kodak Photo Printer – Ultimate Guide

A person looking for a photo printer must read this blog explicitly looking at a photo printer from Kodak.

I mean, is there a more respected name and photos and printing? Probably not, but the question is how does Kodak photo printer works I’ll tell you when you get it; you will notice it’s a mixed bag so, it has a dock, and the dock has a micro-USB

Many android phones are ready to rock it also includes this little gadget that lets you plug it in. It’s a micro-USB to the lightning connector so, you can also use it with an iPhone. Let’s go ahead and check out its detail.

Kodak photo printer
Kodak Dock Printer

Features of Kodak Photo Printer

Print instantly

You can print your favourite pictures instantly with a Kodak Dock Plus using your mobile devices. This print not only has a USB option but also has a reliable and stable Bluetooth connection that will also feel more comfortable for android users.

This instant pho maker can help you in very expect like saving time memories and money because it’s cheap.

User – Friendly

The best thing is that this is very user-friendly and can be used anywhere with ease to help people visualize memories instantly.

There’s an app that you download from either the Google Play Store or from the iPhone App Store, which is too much user friendly that you can easily navigate through different functionality through the app. 

It’s super easy to go to the gallery and pick the picture that you want and then you can either tap and pin from within the app or you can just push a button on the printer. 

Proven Quality

Kodak Dock printer utilizes 4 kinds of technology which makes it well to publish beautiful images immediately. So, it’s a healthy fingerprint-proof and also waterproof for heavy ever long-lasting quality.

So, in this way, the printer actually will do a pretty good job, and the photo will look pretty nice, and the colours of the picture are the same as it looks on the phone.

Battery Power

The Kodak Dock Plus printer has a built-in battery. You can charge by connecting plugging the plug and adaptor given to the DC port situated at the back of the printer.

You need to make sure the printer is charged before using it. The battery quality is too supercool which saves your time.

What others include

Kodak Dock Plus bag includes the following things that will help you to portray pictures instantly. The additional package can be bought, and it consists of 40 sheets and an ink cartridge because the ink is a costly piece here.

If you get just 40, then it’s going to run you about 49 cent’s a print because it’s very cheap for 40, but you can get 40 or 80 or 120, and if you get a 120, it’s 120 sheets of paper three ink cartridges so, it’s kinds of interesting. So, that’s a pretty good deal.

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Kodak Photo Printer Review


  • This is a superb little printer. You can edit your picture as well as resize it and add more stickers that makes it really beautiful and attractive.
  • The photo quality is enough good in that price. This is a well-known fact that the, the higher the resolution of picture, the better the photo.
  • It’s really lightweight but really good to know its quality. You can feel that it’s suitable plastic and the design is very cool to feel. This feature make it best portable photo printer.
  • This product is easy to assemble and operate. I think its price is reasonable, too. It’s also great for you to share memories with your acquaintances.
  • The Application is super easy. The App also gives you the option to make collages and add stickers, text, and borders to photos before you print. You can also use it to make Christmas cards.
  • The unit is made of several sub-assembly modules. The base station, photo paper storage and printing carriage, and the actual photo Ink cartridge, which inserts into the base station side to provide photo coloration and surface protection spent to each photo.
  • It comes with the iPhone connector that is also helpful for mac users and makes it comfortable. This feature makes it printer for iphone which is incredible


  • The paper is on the thin side, and it’s not a glossy finish. But for this TYPE OF PRINTER, it’s pretty good.  Blue tooth works dock works if you have a suitable connector.
  • If you close up the pictures from both professional and Kodak photo printer dock printers, you can see there’s a little clarity and accuracy you can see. Still, to be fair, these prints are immediate gratification. It’s enjoyable to take some photos with your smartphones and immediately prints some of them out.
  • If you have a cheap phone to take pics, then that’s the quality you get. If you are using a better camera, the rate may be better.

Our Verdict

The prints aren’t quite as great as they would be if you want to be a photo place, even Costco Target or Walmart or something, but they aren’t bad.

I have to say that once you get the hang of it that I have found is if you lighten it up a little bit and add just a little bit more saturation, you get much better results.

The instruction booklet is a little bit difficult to read. It is small, to begin with, and contains so many languages that only two small pages are left for English.

For Alternative to Kodak photo printer, You can also search for kodak photo printer mini 2, Hp Envy Photo 7155 etc.

Best photo printer for mac
All Kodak Printer Features


Overall, it is super satisfying to buy this photo printer. The design of the printer is so unique, and everything is adorable. You may obsess with this printer; it’s like you can produce your photos at home and better quality.

The couple of issues that cartridge came with this photo printer says that it can print ten sheets, and they also provide you with ten sheets of photo paper.

Also, the cartridge says ten sheets, but the app says to change the cartridge when only printing nine photos; this one is a minor app bug, but soon it will remove. So, keep in mind if you have any issue with this printer, just restart it.  

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