A Complete Guide for Connecting iPhone to a Printer

Connecting iPhone to a printer is not a big deal as it is very easy in this modern era. If you wish to use your iPhone or iPad to print certain documents, it can be done easily. The easiest way to give a print command from an iPhone is by configuring a printer with AirPrint so that you can use your printer employing a wireless connection.

You can also print without AirPrint by saving your printer’s app on the device or by utilizing a USB cord. Given below is a detailed procedure to do the same.

How To Print From An iPhone Or IPad With AirPrint

A lot of the latest printers come with the AirPrint feature that can be used to give print commands directly to the printer. The step-by-step process to use AirPrint is as follows:

  • Access the document you wish to print. It can be stored anywhere like your device, web, or email.
  • Choose the document and click on the share icon
  • Among the given options, select the print option.
  • Select print followed by select printer alternative. Choose the printer you wish to employ.
  • Click the print icon which would be in a blue hue.
  • This shall enable the printer to appear on the devices you wish to employ for printing. You can utilize it anytime to give print commands.

How To Print From An iPhone Or IPad Without AirPrint

Finding the AirPrint option on every printer is a little too optimistic. The older printer variants usually lack this feature. But even if they are old and wireless, you can use them to give commands.

Just install the app for your printer from the Apple Store. If using an HP printer download the HP smart app and for Canon, you can use the Canon print inkjet app.

To set up your wireless printer do as follows:

  • Access the application of the printer
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi of your printer
  • In your phone, navigate to settings followed by Wi-Fi
  • Find your printer in the other network tab and select it
  • Select the document you wish to print and tap on the share button
  • You can now connect the iPhone to your printer or iPad

How To Print From An iPhone Or IPad With A USB Cable

If you do not own a wireless printer, you can employ your printer to print various documents using the USB cord. You can also use a USB OTG adapter.

To print from an iPhone or iPad with a USB cable:

  • Switch on your printer. Now connect one end to the printer and another to the USB adapter. Now plug in the end of the adapter to your Apple gadget.
  • A prompt shall appear. Click ok
  • Now access the document you wish to print and click Share
  • Select the print alternative
  • In the printer alternative, you could spot your printer.
  • Choose it and tap print.

So here was a detailed procedure to connect your iPhone to the printer. If you face any difficulty while executing these steps, you can contact our printer support number. Our expert shall provide you with the best solution to fix your issue. We hope you find this article helpful.

Question / Answers

connecting iPhone to a printer

Can I use any printer with my iPhone?

No, you can only use your iPhone to print to printers that use AirPrint, an iOS-exclusive feature. Before trying to connect, make sure your printer is AirPrint compatible.

How can I find out if my printer is AirPrint compatible?

Visit the manufacturer’s website or consult the printer’s user manual to find out if your printer is compatible with AirPrint. You can also look for the information online by entering your printer model and “AirPrint compatibility” in the search box.

Can my iPhone print wirelessly to a non-AirPrint printer?

Yes, you can use third-party apps or software that enable printer compatibility to print wirelessly from your iPhone to a non-AirPrint printer. You may print to a variety of printers using some well-known programs like PrintCentral and Printer Pro.

What if my iPhone is unable to recognize my printer?

Check to see if both of your devices are linked to the same Wi-Fi network if your iPhone is unable to recognize your printer. Try again after restarting your iPhone and printer. If the problem continues, look for printer firmware upgrades or think about using a compatible third-party printing app.

How can I use my iPhone to publish pictures to a printer?

Open the Photos app, select the image you want to print, hit the “Share” button, then select “Print” from the menu that appears. You can choose the AirPrint-capable printer you want to use for printing from the list of devices your iPhone displays.

Can I print documents using the email app on my iPhone?

The email app on your iPhone does indeed allow you to print documents. You can print an email by opening it, tapping the “Share” button, choosing “Print,” and then selecting the desired printer from the list to start printing.

Can I use Safari on my iPhone to print online pages?

Absolutely! Open the web page you wish to print, tap the “Share” button, choose “Print,” make any necessary adjustments to the print settings, and then tap “Print” to send the page to an AirPrint-compatible printer.

What should I do if an error occurs when printing on my iPhone?

If a printing problem occurs, make sure your printer is in good working order, that it has enough ink or toner, and that it is securely connected to the Wi-Fi network. Restart your printer and iPhone, then try printing again. Consult the printer’s user manual or get in touch with the maker for troubleshooting advice if the problem continues.

Can I use my iPhone to print to a computer-connected printer?

It is possible to print from an iPhone to a computer-connected printer. To print using AirPrint, make sure the computer and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, turn on printer sharing on the computer, then proceed as you would print using a standalone printer.

Do I need to install any extra software or apps to connect my iPhone to my printer?

You don’t need additional software or apps for printers that support AirPrint. To allow iPhone to printer connectivity, you would need to install appropriate printing apps like Printer Pro or handyPrint if your printer does not support AirPrint.

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