10 Tips to Make Sublimation Prints Brighter and Vibrant

When you print a design onto a sublimation paper, the colors sometimes appear darker than they are in reality so people always need to make sublimation prints brighter.

This can be due to poor ink quality or poor exposure of the print to UV or heat for an extended period of time.

We are going to discuss the 10 most reliable tips that will help you produce brighter prints and will also extend the life of your printer. Example of a sublimation print

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is the process of applying ink to a piece of paper or another substrate by means of heat and pressure.

It is similar to the way paper is made, but instead of using wood pulp, a special ink is used. It is the only way to print on an item with a glossy surface (for example, canvas).

Ink sublimation printers are often used for making posters, t-shirts, wall murals, and many other items.

10 tips to Make Sublimation Printer Brighter

Sublimation printers are very useful when you want to print high-quality photos and other types of images on the back of clothing.

They can be used for printing on T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and even socks. There are many reasons why you might want to print a picture on your clothing.

There are many factors that make the sublimation printer brighter. These are discussed in this article.

1: Quality of Paper 

Always Make sure to use high-quality paper. The colours will be more brilliant as a result of this.

The printing and packaging process is the most important thing that can impact the overall look and feel of the paper. Ensure that you choose a package that has an eye-catching design and high-quality printing. There are various designs, textures, and patterns available for the papers. However, it is better to go with one of the standard designs.

2: Quality of Ink

Quality of sublimation ink is a vital component of color printing, so always make sure to use the best quality ink.

Always make sure to go with a branded ink that has vibrant color quality so that your prints make stand out from all.

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3: Use Lighter Background 

Try to prin On a light background instead of a darker background. The colours will be more brilliant as a result of this.

Try to put your subject at the center of the photo. If you have a subject that is at the middle, it can appear to be in the foreground.

This will make it look like it is closer than it really is. If you want to get a picture that has a very large dynamic range (meaning that there are both very bright and very dark areas) then try to take your picture in the middle of the day.

4: Quality of Printer

Always make sure that you get the best quality printer for your requirements. This will helps you to get quality printouts.

Quality of Printout Always makes sure that your printout is of the highest quality and doesn’t look like it was printed on an old photocopier.

5: Quality of Image 

Make sure the image is at least 300 dots/inch. This will help avoid pixelation or blurring in the final print. Make sure the image is centered and there are no horizontal or vertical lines.

This kind of picture will help you to get your print to brighten. You can increase brightness up to 200% using a good printer.

The best printers have this option. If your printer doesn’t, then you can try to use Photoshop’s brightness/contrast feature to increase the brightness and contrast.

You can also use other photo editing software like Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, or any other software that will give you the option to make your photo brighter.

6: Adjusting Level of Brightness

If you want to make your photos brighter, you can use a program called “Photoshop” to edit them. You can use the brightness/contrast tool to make the brightness of your image as much as you want.

Experiment with different levels of brightness. Sometimes just increasing the brightness level can make a huge difference in brightness.

7: Play With a Contrast Setting

Experiment with various contrast levels. Changing the intensity of a light or dark hue can sometimes drastically alter how bright it appears.

This can be very cool in itself, but often it’s also useful when trying to balance a subject with too much contrast or light or dark areas that look wrong.

For the best results, change the contrast/hue until your photo looks great in all the different spots.

Learn to shoot in RAW format. 

This is the highest-quality format available, so it's best for shooting large images with high-resolution sensors. The files are huge, so they take up more space and can be difficult to edit. However, RAW files allow you to adjust colors and contrast after you've shot the picture.

8: Make a Good Color Combination

Experiment with different colour combinations to see what you can come up with. Changing the hue of a colour can sometimes make a significant impact on how bright it appears.

The first thing to consider is if you need a gradient or solid colour. A gradient can be used for many things, but one of the most common is for a background to fade into the foreground.

If you’re using this type of design, a gradient will be a better choice. Solid colours are great for highlighting and adding emphasis to certain parts of your design.

Another thing to consider is if you want your design to be flat or 3D. If your design is flat, then a gradient will look much better than a solid colour.

If you want your design to have depth and dimension, a solid colour will look more effective.

9: Heat Setting

Try to use a higher heat setting on your printer to see if that helps. The dyes will sublimate more fully as a result, resulting in brighter prints.

I also discussed Heat Press Temperature Chart In-depth you can find this article on our website.

Be patient; it may take a few tries to achieve the desired results.

So that the transparency does not smear or ruin the artwork, place multiple sheets of paper underneath it.

10: Make a Clear Design

Choose the best fonts for your design It’s important to use the right font for your website. You may think that the right font for your design will depend on your audience, but in reality, it depends on how well the font can be read.

Fonts that are too small or too difficult to read will not only affect the readability of your design but also your conversion rates. The best way to find out which fonts are suitable for your design is by testing them out.

There are many tools available that allow you to do this. You can use tools like Canva, which allows you to test your designs out before committing to print.

Alternatively, you could use online tools such as Fiverr, where you can have a designer create a mockup for you.

Make Sublimation Prints Brighter And Clear

Nowadays sublimation printing becomes very popular due to its result. Many people used the best dye sublimation photo printers and they are happy with the outcomes.

In recent years, sublimation printing has become a popular way to create individual products, such as mugs, phone cases, and other small items.

The procedure is simple. It is designed in design software, printed on special transfer paper, and then heated until the ink turns to a gas and travels to the item you want to print.

Dye Sublimation Printing Sublimation printing is different from regular printing because it uses a heat-sensitive coating rather than ink. The heat-sensitive coating will change color when it gets hot.

This is why the finished product can be printed onto almost anything. You can use any kind of paper or cloth for your sublimation printing project. There is no need to use specialized materials like special photo paper or a special cloth.

You can even use regular printer paper or regular clothing. The only requirement is that the item you want to print on must have a heat-sensitive coating.

For example, if you want to print a t-shirt, then the shirt needs to have a heat-sensitive coating. You can also use a mug or other items that have a heat-sensitive coating. There are two types of sublimation printers.

One type is designed for large items such as posters, banners, and other large items. These printers usually have the capability to print multiple copies at once.

The other type of sublimation printer is designed to print single items such as mugs, phone cases, and other small items.


In conclusion, Sublimation printing is a great way to turn ordinary photographs into works of art.

We talk about how to make sublimation more vibrant. You can make your sublimation prints appear their best by following a few simple recommendations.

It’s a bit like putting a print under a heat lamp for a few seconds, which causes the dye to transfer from the image to the paper.

The best sublimation printer uses high-quality papers that are guaranteed not to fade over time. This can save you the expense of buying new prints.

If you know anything about sublimation printing, you know that the heat transfer technology that makes the image visible is actually very delicate and can easily fade away if it isn’t handled carefully.

The same can be said about the ink, which needs to be carefully cleaned and dried if it has been used.

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