How to Remove Sublimation Ink – Easy and Effective Methods

Removal of sublimation ink can be an extremely difficult task that is thought to be impossible, but it’s not. 

How to remove sublimation ink? We will explore ways to remove sublimation ink removed. As we will see in the article are a few processes that can erase sublimation ink just like the eraser erases a pencil drawing with an eraser.

Have you ever bought the latest shirt and attempted to personalize it by using a press? If so, you’re aware of what to expect is it difficult to remove sublimation ink off of a shirt? You didn’t realize how to get rid of sublimation ink off a shirt. 

Sublimation inks can be difficult to get rid of because they don’t work well with the majority of solvents or chemicals. 

If following these tips to get rid of sublimation ink off the T-shirt. You’ll have more success in getting rid of the difficult-to-remove stains!

Sublimation Ink and Sublimation Print

People mostly don’t know what is sublimation ink. It is a very good question for beginners. What I know is that it is ink, it is used for printing purposes, it is made of colorless ink and it can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, vinyl, wood, and metal. 

Sublimation is a chemical reaction between two substances, a gas and a solid in which a solid is directly transformed into the gas substrate/substance, without having to go via the liquid phase.

Sublimation ink is a procedure where a solid substance is heated to create a print or mark with the help of gas.

Sublimation print is a method of producing images on substrates by first sublimating or vaporizing an ink (e.g., wax) and then re-condensing the vaporized ink back to a solid state on the substrate.

In some instances, the ink can be deposited directly on the substrate and/or applied with a transfer medium (e.g., paper) to form an image.

How to Remove Sublimation Ink?

Sublimation ink removal is possible by making use of the right solvents (chemicals such as alcohol, for instance) however, this can be harmful on certain surfaces but may cause damage to others.

How to remove ink from a shirt

The majority of shirts are lovely particularly the basic ones since they display modesty.

However, if you accidentally apply something to them or you just out of the blue decided to test sublimation ink on your shirt in order to create the appearance of an original hand-made shirt, you’ve totally destroyed the fabric. So, welcome to the dreadful reality of your life.

The removal of Sublimation inks from clothing (clothing fabrics) should be taken care of in the early stages because a fine t-shirt stained with a stain can be as if you are being judged for wearing dirty, unwashed clothing. 

Two options are available to remove sublimation ink off your shirts.

  • Pouring a solvent chemical like alcohol on the stain, and then gently rubbing on it using cotton or an old cloth will easily get rid of the trace or strain.
  • The chemicals in washing detergents are designed to remove dirt and stains removal. The act of rubbing the stain with washing detergent can remove it or reduce its visibility

I also have published an entire guide on how to wash sublimation shirts. This guide will help you with each and every step of the way.

Also, you will love to see How to Keep Sublimation From Fading After Washing.

How to Remove Sublimation ink From Mugs

Sublimation ink on mugs appears beautiful and adorable, but with a tiny oversight, you may require a search for how to get rid of sublimation ink from the mugs’

A mug’s sublimation ink may fade away with the passing of time, however, the strain will usually be present.

Here are some of the easiest methods to get rid of sublimation ink from mugs

  • In the majority of Diy videos, vinegar is your most trusted friend, whether made of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
  • The vinegar can be applied to the area of the mug in which you committed the error (sublimation error) or placing the mug into the bowl with the two types of vinegar can trigger an opposite reaction.
  • Then leave it on or submerge the cup in vinegar for about 2 hours, and then rubbing the ink sublimation with a dishwashing sponge is enough to get rid of the mark or even the entire image.

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How to Get Sublimation Ink Out of Polyester

Sublimation is not able to disappear if it was applied on polymers or polyester. Even bleach cannot remove the sublimation. On cotton, sublimation ink may eventually be removed following several washes. 

On harder substrates, like poly-coated coffee mugs Sublimation is able to be lightened by high-temperature heating, however it will only be completely eliminated by sanding off the coating to the ceramic.

Since sublimation ink can be difficult to get rid of on poly blanks, it’s a good idea to try out new concepts and designs with random scraps of polyester. 

This allows you to see any defects in the design, color issues and even sizing problems before you throw away a valuable sublimation blank.

The Sublime Mistakes

As human beings, it’s a human tendency to make mistakes. when it comes to any type of ink, I’m not sure that you’re perfect enough to not make a mistake.

In the case of sublimation inks, slight movement can cause mistakes that are either temporary or permanent.

To avoid making these mistakes to avoid them, it is highly advised to gather all the details regarding the subject.

How do you go about doing it? Simply, See our Sublimation Guide. You’ll love it.

Sublimation off Tumblr

Sublimation on Tumblr is awe-inspiring, but eliminating the sublimation on Tumblr simply because of one error you’ve made that you’ve not made can be a big issue.

How can we fix our error and get rid of the wonderful of our Tumblr?

A heat gun may be able to accomplish the task, however having an existing heat source is more efficient and far more efficient.

The high temperature of 400 degrees will reverse sublimation and fade away the ink.

Blink’s sublimes aren’t readily accessible in the marketplace and the ones available aren’t cheap.

Facts about Sublimation Prints 


What Is Sublimation Ink Used For? In simpler terms, sublimation ink can be described as a printer.

It can print images or fonts onto different materials such as clothes and tumblers, mugs, and so on, to create a cleaner and more attractive appearance. It’s an art form.

Sublimation ink is extremely useful for processing and printed for many purposes. It is durable as well.


Sublimation ink’s durability is largely dependent on the substrate. Polyester and other polyester-based substances are the best partners with sublimation processes since their chemical reaction will give a lasting result.

The cotton materials over time typically disappear when they’re washed often. Therefore, sublimation to cotton might not be quite as long-lasting as you believe.

In Tumblr sublimation it is a good thing that the quality is not harmed, so Tumblr isn’t as faded easily as cotton-related items. 

However, exposure to a significant temperature (400 degrees at a minimum) can alter its colour (fade) or alter the particles inside, resulting in the reverse reaction.


Is Reversing Sublimation Possible? The short answer is yes, Sublimation reverse is possible, but the reverse is a matter of turning gas (gas vapors) back to the solid state.

The only way to do this is with a very high heat. If you have a small amount of sublimation, you may be able to get away with a moderate heat, but for anything large, you will need a very high heat to cause this to happen.

If you are trying to turn to gas (gas vapors) back into a solid, you are actually in a different area than what you are talking about. You will need very high heat to do this.

Permanent or Temporary

The curious question Is Sublimation Ink Works Permanent Or Temporary? However much you believe that the sublimation process is permanent, the sublimation reactions get stronger and more durable with time. 

In essence, that permanent mark may be only when it is immediately acted upon.

The sublimation process will only last as long as the sublimable substance is heated, not the amount of heat applied.

This is why a hot air gun cannot be used to transfer a sublimable substance from one location to another. 

It will only transfer the heat to the surface of the object and will not cause any changes to the sublimable substance.

Why does the heat transfer so quickly? Because all heat is energy. Heat has kinetic energy.

Reasons for Removing Sublimation Ink 

There are many reasons why you have to take the ink from your clothing and others. Sometimes the ink cannot transfer correctly, sublimation prints fade after washing or washing.

In those instances, if you need to take out the ink from your shirt, and you should first determine what kind of ink used to print.

This is due to the fact that sublimation ink can be found in a wide range of shades and colors. There is not only one method to eliminate the ink of all colors.

If, for instance, your clothes are dark blueprints, it’s unlikely bleach to work to remove them.

You should know ahead of time the type of ink employed and how it will be eliminated safely and efficiently without harming your clothing to any extent.

We suggest making use of Goo Gone to eliminate sublimation ink from clothing. It efficient and economical as well!


Are screen-printed shirt different from sublimation shirt printing?

Yes, they are. Sublimation printing is more durable, compared to screen printings which would begin fade after just a couple of washes.

Why does sublimation on polyester last forever?

The sublimation process occurs in the molecules, not just on the surface. Thus making a stronger and better-built bond with molecules.

Sublimation ink is necessary to print?

Many brands and companies don’t compromise on their fabric printing, therefore to ensure lasting results, sublimation inks are always used. It improves the durability of the print , and also ensure that bright colors can be easily seen.

How do I stop sublimation prints from disappearing?

The fading process is an irreversible procedure (unless bonds are made by the molecules themselves, as with polyesters) so things will eventually fade away over time.

Does re-sublimation even exist?

Re sublimation isn’t feasible as most reactions even upon removal or reverse could leave a mark. However, a darker shade on a tiny color mark can do your job of covering up and creating a new design

Final Words

We’re hoping that you’re fully aware of this after having read our entire guide.

Sublimation inks that are stored for a period of time can be permanent, however should they be used up early, they can cause a faded mark that can be barely noticed.

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