How To Wash Sublimation Shirts – Detail Guide and Tips

If you’re thinking about how to wash sublimation shirts do not worry! Sublimation shirts can be washed exactly like other kinds of shirts.

You can either wash them yourself or throw them into the washer. The method you use to wash the sublimation shirt will depend on the material they’re made from and so, read this article to discover what’s appropriate for you.

The idea of having a dye sublimated shirt to wear is a great investment. It is likely to last for a long time due to the fabric’s quality and design are similar to no other.

It can last an extended time than you think when you take the highest possible treatment of it. It’ll be able to keep looking good for many years, and possibly years, much as your clothes.

The shirt you wear could endure a longer life than you think when you take the greatest treatment of it. Follow these steps to find out how to clean the sublimation shirt and follow the maintenance instructions for your sublimated shirt.

How to Wash Sublimation Shirts

Follow the sublimation washing instructions to ensure that the clothes last for as long as possible. When washing dye sublimated clothing in the washer makes sure to make use of cold water.

1: Use Cold Water Instead of Warm Water

The warm water, although appearing soft and gentler it actually starts to break the fibers of clothing as it heats. 

If you’re washing your t-shirts start with cold water. This means you shouldn’t dry your sublimation garments in a dryer.

Instead, hang them out on a clothesline for them to dry in the air. The cold water and gentle sun exposure are sufficient to keep them fresh.

If the shirt you are sublimating has spills or other stains then first wash it with stain remover before putting it in the washing machine. 

Another option to prevent staining is to use an oxygen cleanser. You can simply throw one packet into one small amount of laundry and allow their strong oxygen action to slash difficult stains such as grease, tomato sauce, and grass for a naturally clean outcome.

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2: Use a Moderate Level of Detergent

If you wash your sublimation shirts or garments be sure to use a little excessive amount of detergent. 

If you fill your washer using too many detergents it may leave behind residue which can clog your ink and make it more difficult to make your design appear fresh and clean.

The amount of detergent recommended is one heaping tablespoon of powder. Two tablespoons of liquid.

If you’re looking to increase cleaning power, use an additional half-ounce. Make sure to use warm water when you wash sublimation clothing.

The hot water you wash it can cause fading because of inadequate quality control in many dye manufacturing facilities (although certain businesses have raised their standards to a higher level recently). 

Cold water can help make your dye more stable to ensure that it doesn’t fade with time, and is easy to rinse after wash.

3: Never Include Fabric Softener or Bleach

If washing your dyed garment ensure that you do not add bleach or softener to your fabric. Bleach can damage dyes, and fabric softeners prevent the shirts from drying properly. 

Additionally, it can cause discoloration on white ink. Make sure you wash your clothes in cold water since warm water will cause more of the fade of printed areas of sublimated clothing.

Choose a mild soap without optical brighteners to get the best results. The use of too much detergent is also a major issue, so make sure you don’t use too much! To get rid of soap buildup, try vinegar instead.

Vinegar is a natural whitener, by stripping dirt off clothes after being it is soaked in vinegar water. 

If you’ve been unable to remove staining that isn’t easily removed, such as oil paints, consider soaking stained clothes in vinegar for a few hours to take off those difficult-to-remove spots (it is also great for dry stained clothes).

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Be sure to not allow your brand new t-shirt to be in contact with the residual soap residue when you run them through a second wash cycle following the use of vinegar, as this could cause damage, such as bleeding of color over time.

4: After rinsing, hang dry

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind when washing your sublimated clothing is to not put it in the dryer. 

The heat and the agitation that comes from drying can ruin the appearance of your garment that’s why all you have to do is wash your garment and hang it up immediately. 

If you’re in a pinch to time, you might want to run cool water on your garment and then wring it up prior to hanging it.

Don’t use any bleach or detergent on your clothes as they could cause damage to them. All you need to do is wash your clothes with your hands (or using a machine with delicate cycles) and allow them to dry completely in the air before wearing.

These tips work not just for dark-colored t-shirts. Bright colors tend to fade faster However, if you wash them in a proper manner will last longer!

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5: While Your Shirt Is Still Slightly Wet, Iron It

Because heat causes colors to fade, it’s recommended to dry-iron your garment when it’s still moist. 

The steam generated by the iron will help set the design and eliminate wrinkles that could be formed from washing. However, be cautious not to overuse water or hang the shirt up until it is dry.

The shirts that are wet are more susceptible to fade than dry ones. It is important to note the fact that temperature has no impact on the fading process.

Iron at medium-high temperatures (or any setting you’d normally choose to use) even when you’re printing on a dark-colored shirt.

lighter colors do not require as much heat, but they can be prone to turning yellow when exposed to extreme temperatures over a long period of time.

6: Re-Sublimate As Necessary

It is possible to re-sublimate the shirts you’ve purchased following washing. This will make sure that you’re capable of wearing them for as long as you’d like without having to clean them by hand or send them back to be sublimated.

Washing machines are usually safe for your clothing, however, it’s always best to wash your clothes separately and use cool water rather than hot. 

For more information take a look at our advice on how to wash sublimated Clothes. Keep in mind that each washing your shirt, it will lose some of its quality So try to not wash it often!

Tips for Helpful: 

If possible, reduce the heat setting when you are using hot water to prolong the vibrancy of your color. 
Tips for Helpful: If possible, reduce the heat setting when you are using hot water to prolong the vibrancy of your color. 

Tips To Prevent Sublimation From Fading

How To Wash Sublimation Shirts

To prolong the life of sublimated dyed shirts, you must learn to wash sublimation shirts. flip them over before washing. 

Reduced agitation in cleaning can be done by using a MILD non-phosphorous soap.

There are people who use laundry detergents to wash their clothes. But, these detergents shouldn’t be used on clothes composed of polyurethane or polyester. 

They are also not suitable for cleaning clothes dyed with dyes that could fade or stain clothing. The best solution is to wash them in the reverse prior to washing them.

Also, we made a detailed guide on how to keep sublimation from fading. Read it, if you want more detail.

Sublimated Official Shirts: Laundering Guidelines  

For Washing:

  • The uniform should be cleaned inside out to help prevent damage from other items that are in the load
  • Wash white and colored garments Separately
  • Use warm or cold water.
  • Use gentle soap or detergent
  • Take garments out of the washer quickly

When Drying:

  • Dry on plastic or wood hangers (strongly advised)
  • If the machine has dried, set the machine to low heat or AIR ONLY.
  • Take it off immediately after the cycle has been completed.


  • Don’t use hangers made of metal, they can cause the rust marks
  • Don’t make use of bleach with chlorine or as a substitute
  • Don’t iron
  • Don’t wash your clothes in hot water
  • Don’t overload dryers or washers
  • Don’t dry clean
  • Don’t make use of an ingredient to soften fabric, i.e. downy or Woolite on MXS Moisture Management Garments It reduces the wicking capabilities

For Storage:

  • Dry the uniforms completely prior to placing them in storage.
  • Keep it in a cool, dry location.
These instructions are specifically for sublimated uniforms, we suggest many of these guidelines for all uniforms and pants that we offer in addition to those specifically for uniforms with sublimation. 

Check the care instructions that are printed on every garment for specific instructions on how to care for it.

General Tips for Washing Sublimated Shirts or other Garments

1: Washing Frequency

Make a note of how often you wash your clothes if wish your sublimation prints to appear more bright and clear.

Also, follow the washing instructions for your sublimation shirt. If your clothes are cleaned and the ink is fading, it’s not long. 

It is because of the mixing of the ink fabrics and the water, that you experience the fade of prints when you are using sublimation printing.

The shirt you love is likely to fade if you wash it in hot water each day. It is recommended to limit the frequency at which they wash it, and also how they wash a sublimation garment.

2: Use Detergents Without Phosphorus

A non-phosphorous soap or detergent should be utilized as phosphates can cause bleeding color also.

Furthermore, chlorine bleach should not be used because it can fade colors and weaken the fabric.

3: Use Bleach with chlorine

Chlorine bleach is an everyday cleaner that’s been used for a long time. Chlorine can cause issues with clothing too. 

The chemical bleaches the fibers of the fabric, which can cause discoloration and color bleeding. Furthermore, chlorine bleach can cause skin irritation if apply it to your skin, or wash your hair with it.

4: Separate Washing

Wash the shirt with dye separately from your other clothes as you wash them. Follow the directions for washing the sublimation shirt. 

The dye-sublimated shirt may absorb the colors of other clothes. It is important not to pack clothes that have buttons, zippers, or Velcro because these items can result in tears, snags, and other marks when packing.

5: Dry in Shades Instead of Sunlight

The designs printed in inks are also susceptible to fade when exposed to UV radiation. 

Customers may begin losing the prints on your clothing when they dry them in the sunlight. Therefore, it is recommended to dry the clothes in shade. The fading of prints can be lessened by this method.

It is suggested that the garments be dried in shade and adhere to guidelines for the care of sublimation garments to stop the fading of the garment. This helps in limiting the fade of the print and stops the spread to different clothes.

This isn’t the only thing: chlorine bleach can cause harm to your health also! It can trigger allergic reactions to your skin and can cause cancer in certain people if you breathe the smoke of the chemical.

Never Use Screen Print Dryer:

Never utilize a screen printer on t-shirts dyed sublimated. It can alter the color. Dryers are devices that make use of pressure and heat to melt the fabric so that the ink won’t adhere to it. 

The most effective method to prevent fade is to use the screen printer which applies pressure and heat correctly. 

It is operated through the application of a very thin coating ink onto the fabric. The ink melts to remove any color of the fabric. This will stop the fade of colors.



I’ve listed some of the most commonly asked questions that you could be able to answer while washing your sublimated shirts.

How long will sublimation last on T-shirts?

If you’re using top-quality sublimation paper and inks and following the laundering guidelines. It should last for 12 months (12 months ) or longer.

Can Sublimation be washed out of cotton?

It will wash out since sublimation on cotton is not advised. You could use a mix of cotton and polyester or even pure polyester. Polyester provides more vivid and vivid prints.

How can you prevent sublimation from becoming faded after washing?

Check to see if you’ve completed all sublimation washing instructions. If the ink is not getting faded, think about using polyester instead of cotton, and make sure to use high-quality sublimation inks.

Why did my sublimation fade?

It could be due to the poor quality of sublimation ink or paper. If dyes don’t adhere to the other materials properly eventually, they fade away. The result is a dull, dull print.

Final Words

I hope that everything is in order right now. Cleaning your sublimation clothing in your home isn’t the most advanced method, however, in order for the garments to last you, there are a few aspects you should be aware of. 

The first step is going to be washing the garment as quickly as you can. This helps eliminate a lot of dye that has escaped and prevents wear and tear to a minimum to the maximum extent possible.

The ink that is dyed sublimation is long-lasting and waterproof. The ink that is dyed sublimation can’t be removed by rubbing or washed away. 

The printing of textiles, personalizing products, or promotional items is possible to print using sublimation ink. 

A polyester substrate, as well as the polyester-coated substrate, are able to be utilized with the ink, however. A polyester substrate or a substrate coated with polyester can be utilized with the ink, but only.

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