How to Fix Brother Printer not Printing Color Correctly

Brother Printer not Printing Color Correctly – Brother printers are the most widely used printers used around the world. They are easy to use and are available in the market. Low price and high quality is the main element of brother printers.

Brother printers are in most of the country. They have almost 700 outlets in India. Brother printers have a wide range of models and structures.

The user can select any model according to their needs. Brother printers are available in different price ranges.

There are some basic models available which are low in cost. There are high range models available which are costly. Brother printers provide good quality printouts. Brother printers are suitable for both home and office use.

Inks come in different colors. The inkjet printer uses ink that is designed to match the paper used for printing. However, because the inkjet technology is still new, there are many variations in the ink colors used. The colors which your Brother Printers use are called CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black).

Some printers cause a problem that printers do not print colors as expected due to a number of reasons.  This article will tell you all these reasons and the solution to them. If your printer does not print colors as expected, you can check the following reasons. 

How to fix Brother Printer not printing color correctly?

Brother has already told you about these general settings and tips in the instructions menu but this article is for those who do not know much about color printing.

Brother Printer not Printing Color Correctly

#1Use the Right Paper

If you are using the wrong paper, or have accidentally changed the settings, the printer might not be printing correctly. 

The CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) is a method of printing colors. This means that they will have different tones, from dark to light, depending on how you print the image.

So if you print an image in light colors, such as blue, it will have a lighter tone. But if you print an image in dark colors, such as black, it will have a darker tone.

This problem occurs when the printer uses different toners to print a CMYK image. This happens most often when the paper used is other than white. It can also happen when the paper used is yellow, red, or green.

The problem with using non-white paper is that the ink used in the CMYK ink may not be designed to work with it. This can be avoided by using white or light-colored paper.

#2 – Use Correct Toner

If your printer is not using the correct toner, you need to change the toner cartridge. Toner cartridges are available in various sizes and models. Try searching online for the model of your printer and a suitable toner cartridge.

Customers should only utilize genuine Brother drum units and/or toner cartridges, according to Brother.

To ensure dependability and quality, each component is made to operate with the others. Using non-Brother consumables could have an impact on the machine’s dependability, print quality, and hardware performance.

Any issue brought on by the usage of drum units, toner cartridges, or toner from unreliable sources is not covered by the limited warranty offered by Brother.

If you are having trouble with the toner cartridge, Brother Printer may be able to replace it for you. If not, you will have to purchase a new cartridge.

#3 – Check Printer Settings

Other options include changing the settings on your printer. This can be done manually or automatically. If you are having trouble with the settings, contact Brother directly.

  • The colour density and quality are improved through calibration and registration.
    • Click on the All Settings button.
    • Use the touchscreen to select Printer.
    • To display Calibration, swipe up or down or hit the UP or DOWN ARROW key. Just click Calibration.
    • On the touchscreen, select Calibrate.
    • To begin the calibration, click Yes.
    • Press Home Button to exit the menu screen once the warning Please Wait has disappeared.
    • Print a document from your computer once the display has returned to the time and date or the home screen.
  • Check to see if the toner cartridges are inserted into the right slots.
    • Utilizing the center-indented handle, lift the top cover until you hear a click.
    • Check to see if the toner cartridge’s colour matches the machine’s label’s colour.
      • Yellow (Y) should be in the first slot, followed by Magenta (M), Cyan (C), and Black in the second and third positions, respectively (K).
    • If the drum and toner cartridge assemblies are not in the proper slots, you must first remove them by grabbing the center of the assembly and pulling it straight up, then replace them in the proper slots.
    • Close the top cover after inserting the appropriate drum and toner cartridge assembly.
    • Print a document from your computer once the date and time are back on the display.
  • Make sure the toner save mode is off. The print looks lighter when the toner save feature is enabled.
    • Click on the All Settings button.
    • Select General Setup.
    • To display Ecology, swipe up or down or touch the UP or DOWN ARROW key. Then, select Ecology. 
    • When Toner Save is turned on. Toner Save, press. Tap Off.
    • To leave, use the Home button.

#4 – Other Useful Settings

  • Examine the settings of the program you are using. There could be possibilities to change the colour. Color matching will be impacted by certain program settings, which may overrule the computer defaults. 
  • Graphics and images are frequently more accurately reproduced using Postscript drivers. However, it does so at the sacrifice of speed. Image processing time is substantially longer with Postscript drivers. The BR-Script3 driver can be downloaded from the Brother website.
  • Consider modifying the printer driver. The printer driver offers a wide range of options for adjusting resolution, hue, colour, saturation, etc.
  • When you are about to print a document, you typically access this from the File => Print menu item. These settings are typically accessible through the printer driver’s properties, preferences, or setup button.

#5 – Clean Brother Printer Drum

Cleaning your Brother Printer Drum Unit To clean your printer drum unit, first remove the top cover. Next, remove the two screws holding the unit together and pull it out of the printer. Then, disconnect the power supply. Next, take out the roller bearings (located behind the print head).

Finally, remove the print head from the drum unit. Cleaning your Brother Toner Cartridge When you first install a new toner cartridge into your printer, you must ensure that the correct amount of toner is used.


Why brother printer not printing yellow?

Brother Printer not printing yellow may be due to a number of reasons, but the most common one is the low ink. The ink level of your printer should be at a certain level. Otherwise, the printouts will be smudged. So make sure that you have refilled the printer with the ink.

Also, One should also make sure that they are using the printer on a daily basis and also making use of the printer cartridge as advised.

If the cartridges are not used on a daily basis, they might get dried up and will cause a lot of mess especially when the printer is trying to print.

Why brother printer not printing magenta?

Brother printer is not printing magenta. Usually, when you set up a printer, the software has a set of ink cartridges that you have to select from.

The best thing to do if your printer is not printing magenta is to switch to a different set of ink cartridges.

The software will usually show you what the best set of ink cartridges for your printer is. So, if you don’t want to make a mistake and switch to a set of ink cartridges that is not compatible with your printer, then you might want to call the company and ask them what they recommend.

Why brother printer print quality problems?

It is very rare that the printer is able to print very poor quality. You should check whether the printer has been improved. For example, you can check the paper tray or the print head to see whether there is a problem.

You will be saved if you can print the job again. You should also see whether the nozzle is blocked or not. If there is a block on the nozzle, then the printer will not work well. However, there are ways to unblock the nozzle.

You should also follow the above tips to solve the printer problem.

Why printer not printing more than one colour?

There are many reasons why your printer won’t print more than one color.  The most common reason is the lack of ink or toner.  

Some printers require you to install color ink or toner.  In other printers, you need to install self-contained cartridges.  

To check if there is ink or toner, look at the printing-ink indicators.  If one or more of the indicators are empty or blinking, then you need to install a new cartridge for that color.  

If your printer does not have ink or toner indicators, then you can use a test print to check the status of the ink or toner.  

Before installing ink or toner, make sure you print a test page on plain paper.  If the printer prints the test page correctly, then the toner or ink is installed correctly.  

To find out why the printer does not print more than one color, you should check the print settings.  If you have set the print settings to print only one color, then the printer will not print more than one color.

Final Words

Brother printers are good printers available in the market, but some of them may have issues with printing in color. If your printer is not printing in color properly then you can follow the steps given above and fix the issue.

Also, Hopefully, your Brother printer drivers and the software is installed properly. You can try reinstalling the drivers to see if the issue is resolved or not. 

If your Brother Printer not Printing Color Correctly contact the support or a  printer technician for further assistance.

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