10 Best Printers for Cricut Maker Projects and Buying Guide

Cricut Prints are a great way to make custom gifts and home décor. You can also use them to create invitations, announcements, birthday cards, thank you notes, and more. 

The Cricut Maker and Printer are the world’s best crafting machines. It allows you to make things like cards, scrapbook pages, gifts, wall art, home decor, and more. It’s perfect for crafting, DIY projects, and even printing out photos.

Printers have revived craft ideas by introducing the print and cut feature in place of the traditional draw and cut function. Printers not only save time but also improve the fun factor of crafting.

In spite of this, print quality must be preserved. For printed goods to be free of streaks and dull colors, Cricut-compatible printers are required.

You need to be aware that not every printer is appropriate for every use. A printer could be visually appealing, but it might be challenging to set up and connect to your wireless network and other devices.

I have revealed all to assist you to discover the best printer for your Cricut maker projects as a printing specialist.

To prevent frequent paper jams, the ideal printer for the Cricut will load and feed the paper effortlessly.

You will be in a better position to choose the best printer to use with the Cricut for simple, quick, and high-quality printing after reading this analysis.

Best Printer for Cricut Maker

Many different kinds of paper crafters end up getting into the field of cutting since it not only gives them a way to improve their work but also gives them a way to be creative.

Which printer do you pick, though? The query is that. 

Users of Cricut products are aware that a companion printer is required to get the most out of the Print and Cut feature. Making the ideal Cricut selection for different applications is the difficult part.

There are countless printers available. Choosing the right one for you and your art can be a challenge in and of itself. and a little frightening

This thorough Printer evaluation includes a section on the buyer’s guide to aid you with any queries you might have and all the details you need to get started in the world of cutting.

#1 – Canon Pixma G3260

There are many printers available in the market, but you will rarely find any printer that could match the quality of printing from the price perspective.

If you are looking for the best-in-class printer at the lowest price, then you can choose Canon PIXMA TR8520 which will not only satisfy your printing requirements but will also provide you with a great experience while using it.

It’s a great wireless printer that can do just about anything. It’s perfect for scanning, copying, and printing photos and documents.

I’m a huge fan of this printer, and it has been working flawlessly for me since day one.  This is a very reliable and user-friendly printer, so anyone can use it.

For photos, it’s capable of printing photos at up to 10 ppm in black and 15 ppm in color. This is faster than most inkjet printers, and it’s ideal for printing large, detailed photos.

This is a fast and versatile printer, and it can handle a wide range of paper types including card stock, glossy photo paper, envelopes, and labels. It even has a sheet feeder for printing multiple copies of standard-sized sheets.

The PIXMA G3260 is easy to set up. Simply plug it into your router or modem and connect it to your computer using the USB cable that came with it.

To connect to a wireless network, simply enter the wireless network name and password. Then, you can start printing.

The PIXMA G3260 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move from one room to another. It measures approximately 7.6 x 6.9 x 4.7 inches and weighs 4 pounds.

It has a convenient LCD display that makes it easy to check the status of your print job, as well as the remaining ink levels.

The PIXMA G3260 can also act as a scanner. It includes a document feeder for scanning multiple pages, and it can scan in black and color.

You can print directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device that has a USB port, as well as from a memory card.

You can also connect this printer to your computer using the Ethernet port. It can print, scan, and copy, and it has a fast Wi-Fi connection.

The color is vibrant, and it’s a nice size.  It’s easy to set up and use, and it’s compatible with Mac and Windows computers.


  • inexpensive price
  • Printing without cartridges and using big ink tanks.
  • The print quality is excellent.


  • Not the best printer for use on fabric.

#2 – HP Envy 6055

An HP Envy 6055 printer is an affordable option for using Cricut. Although it has a modest budget, it nonetheless has high-quality features.

In other words, it’s a printer style that fits in perfectly in an office or a craft area. A printer called the HP Envy is made especially for use with Cricut cutters.

If you want to buy this product, then you must know its characteristics. So, let’s review them first.

I discovered that using my Cricut for printing gives my hobby of crafting more fun than any other technique.

The HP-6055 Cricut compatible inkjet printer provides the ideal fusion of elegance and cost.

This HP Envy wireless printer has a 90-day replacement and refund guarantee. If you are just starting to take an interest in crafting as a pastime, it is appropriate to start with this printer.

With its easy-to-use features, the HP Envy 6055 printer will surely be one of the most useful devices in your home.

It comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. The HP Envy 6055 printer is a wireless device.

You don’t have to worry about cables as it’s equipped with a USB cable that connects to your computer.


  • Two-sided printing capability Minimized Price.
  • printing flexibility via a USB, cable, or app.


  • Not a printer that works with Alexa.

#3 – WorkForce WF-7710

The WF-7710’s adaptability in connectivity and elegant operation is the best one. A wireless network-ready device will work with any Windows PC or Mac OS system.

The competitive advantage of this printer is PrecisionCore technology. This printer is capable of printing correctly on sheets measuring 13″ x 19″. It uses 80% less energy as compared to traditional laser printers.

From mobile devices, tablets, iOS devices, and iPad, you may print and connect. You are not limited to printing simply from a computer as a result. It contains a USB port that can be used to attach a cable or card reader.

The WF-7710 can help you save a lot of time because of its quick print speed of 40 million dots per second. I stocked 250.

The WF-7710 is equipped with a paper tray, which contains up to 250 sheets of paper. The WF-7710 has wireless network connectivity, allowing you to share files easily.

The WF-7710 can help you save a lot of time because of its quick print speed of 40 million dots per second.

After using it for a few years, I came to the conclusion that the WF-7710 is the printer that works best with Cricut since it includes all of the key components of the top Cricut printer.

Really large sizes can be printed without a border. Because it is intended to prevent tugging while printing in bulk, the back feed tray can help you save a lot of time.


  • Able to copy on both sides.
  • Additional capabilities include copy, fax, and scan.
  • Wireless and USB connections are both available, as well as card readers.


  • Fails miserably when used with non-Epson cartridges.

#4 – Epson EcoTank ET-15000

The most expensive printer on my list is the Epson EcoTank ET-15000, which is also the most functional.

It can handle sublimation print works’ stickiness, which can be challenging for most printers. As well as printing on surfaces up to 13 x 19 inches.

The EcoTank ET-15000 features cartridge-free printing and a resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI. Large print tanks make ink replacement affordable and environmentally friendly. This partially offsets the printer’s greater price.

The Epson EcoTank ET-15000 is most likely better suited for a small professional shop rather than a hobbyist’s home printer.


  • Uses big ink tanks instead of cartridges.
  • Enduring and trustworthy enough to print on sublimation paper.


  • Comparatively pricey.

#5 – Canon Pixma TS9521C

The Canon Pixma TS9521C Wireless Craft Printer is the next item on the list. With support for the standard 12 by 12-inch scrapbooking paper size, a hands-free printing option so you can focus on designing.

Pre-built patterns and designs you can use, this robust printer is ideal for all of your cricutting needs.

This wireless crafts printer from Canon provides the utmost use ease and is also suitable for use with all types of wireless devices (including your smartphone or tablet) so that you can print with the utmost convenience.

It is a little larger than the normal printer, but this gives it the capacity to store up to 200 sheets of paper at once. It also comes with 5 different inks, allowing you to start printing right away.

In order to meet all of your crafting needs, it can also accommodate a variety of papers, including card paper.

However, it also includes several features you’d expect to see in a Canon printer, including a built-in memory card, an auto document feeder for scanning and copying, and a Morea Print Service.


  • Multifunctional, including features like copy, fax, and scan.
  • 5-color printing process.
  • Incorporating cloud printing, all connectivity possibilities.
  • Activated Alexa
  • Allow users to select an Amazon Ink subscription.
  • Control for an LCD display.


  • Sometimes gives low quality result.

#6 – Epson Expression Home XP-440

I learned that the Epson Expression Home XP-440 has gotten rave ratings for its simplicity and capacity to print on fabric.

This can be related to the printer’s 9600 DPI print resolution. Although printing on fabric can be difficult, this printer can apparently manage it, according to what I’ve read.

Up to 8.5 x 14 inches can be printed on with the Expression Home XP-440. The only significant drawback I identified with this printer is that several reviews have cautioned that it uses ink quickly. However, when printing on heavier materials, that is to be expected.

The Epson Expression Home XP-440 is a good option for a beginner printer that will expand as your skill level changes because it is less expensive than some printers in the professional category of printers.

This device is an obvious choice as a decent all-around home printer that can meet the demands of a busy crafter due to its great resolution and reasonable pricing.

Get creative and print beautiful photos, documents, and more with the Epson XP-440. This printer is designed for use with Epson cartridges only, not third-party cartridges or ink.

With the Creative Print mobile app, you can easily create custom borderless photo collages from Instagram, Print stationery, and more.

You can even choose your own colors and text styles. Your photo collage can be printed straight away, sent to Epson Print Stationery, and stored in the cloud.


  • Touch-screen.
  • Simple to assemble and use.
  • Superior print resolution.


  • The price range for a home printer is comparatively mid-high

#7 – Canon Pixma Pro-100

Printing from a computer is great, but it can be difficult to find a printer that prints true-to-life images.

The Pixma Pro-100 by Canon is the solution to this problem. It’s designed to give you the best possible photo quality when you print on canvas.

It has eight different dye-based inks and a 4800 x 2400 DPI resolution. This printer can print on a variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, and more.

It also includes an integrated stand that allows you to use the printer anywhere. You can even set it up on your desk to print directly from your computer.

The printer has automatic calibration and a two-way automatic feed. Plus, it has a 1-year warranty and a 100-sheet maximum printing capacity. 

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 can print documents up to 13 x 19 inches. Advertised as a professional photo printer, this printer is a viable solution for the serious hobbyist at home who wants a machine that is both semi-cheap and can easily serve as a budget professional machine.


  • sharpness for photos and intricate artwork
  • print medium capacity of 13″ x 19″
  • uses big ink tanks instead of cartridges.
  • 8 inks made of dye


  • Quite pricey for a home printer.

#8 – Canon Pixma iX6820

The Canon iX-6820 and the Epson printer previously mentioned differing significantly. You may connect numerous devices to a single printer thanks to Canon’s PrintShare technology.

You can access this printer from anywhere by using your Google account. For Apple devices like the iPad and iPhones, air printing is also provided.

The Canon IX-6820 is the ideal printer for Cricut projects because of its extremely high printing resolution.

Canon printers have a special feature that enables them to turn on automatically. Your linked device will get a print instruction from you and begin printing right away, even if it is switched off. Additionally, you can print any project in “silent” mode to avoid disturbing others.

Thanks to its numerous ink cartridges and high-quality resolution, the Canon Pixma printer can effortlessly manage speed and quality for your Cricut print and cut activities.

Its resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi enables you to create multicoloured prints with exceptional brightness.

The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is ideally suited for long work hours because of its five-tank ink system.

You can also use it to print photos and documents. The Canon Pixma Pro-100 is a compact photo printer with a built-in flatbed scanner that can handle black-and-white and color images.

It offers a wide array of features including a built-in fax modem, Ethernet, USB, and SD card slots, as well as a wireless connection for printing from an iOS device or Android smartphone. In addition, it has an automatic document feeder for scanning up to 10 pages at a time. It prints at speeds up to 8.


  • The print resolution is fairly high.
  • Personalized five-tank ink system.
  • Portable and small inkjet printer.


  • Only a one-year warranty is available.

#9 – Epson SureColor P400

The extremely reliable and stylish Epson SureColor P400 Printer follows. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it made it into our evaluation as it’s marketed as the best tool for creative folks and is perfect for Cricut crafts!

 Although it has earned the endorsement of the majority of crafters worldwide for its ability to consistently produce prints of shop quality.

It is also very dependable and compatible with a wide range of papers and other materials, making it the perfect choice for all kinds of creators, especially those who own their own business and require a printer that offers complete versatility.

The Best All-Round Printer? In case you’re wondering, there is no shortage of inkjet printers on the market today.

No matter what you find yourself producing, the Epson Surecolor will support all of your cricutting endeavors because it supports sizes up to 13 inches by 19 inches.

However, the fact that there are so many different models and brands means that it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs.

The Epson SureColor P400 is a great all-rounder, boasting superb print quality and reliability, and a price tag that won’t break the bank.

The possibilities are unlimited with this unique printer, for instance, whether you’re being hired to design a priceless wedding scrapbook or you simply want to contribute to your own portfolio.

Printing will be possible on a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl sheets, picture paper, sticker paper, handmade parchment paper, and even fine art paper.

The machine is one of the few on the market with a special gloss optimizer. This tool guarantees the production of projects with a polished, shining, clear, and professional lab appearance. This printer will not let you down in terms of quality.


  • High Quality
  • All in Rounder Printer
  • Supports 13 x 19 inches


  • Slightly high price.

#10 – HP Smart-Tank Plus 551

Another smart-tank printer, this one uses ink bottles, or “tanks,” as opposed to conventional ink cartridges.

For someone willing to spend more money upfront on a high-quality inkjet printer so they may potentially save hundreds of dollars in ink in the future, this more environmentally responsible and cost-effective solution is ideal.

That’s crazy! It’s great to know that with this printer when you spend a little bit more, you get a little bit more because unlike the printer above, it IS Alexa-compatible.

This printer is good enough with a higher page yield, Alexa compatibility, and the ability to send print jobs directly from your phone using the HP printing app.

If you’re looking for a printer with a high ink page yield, incredibly cheap ink, and additional hassle-free printing features, then the HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 Wireless All-in-One is the printer for you.

This printer has an extremely impressive ink page yield of being able to print between 6,000 and 8,000 pages before you need to replace the ink.

The HP Smart-Tank Plus 551 is an affordable all-in-one printer that makes it easy to get started in the world of office printing.

Print high-quality text documents, photos, and graphics with this inkjet printer. It has a wide range of paper sizes that will fit your needs, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space on your desk.

You can also print to a USB flash drive or external hard drive with this printer, making it easier than ever to share important files.


  • Supports printing on both sides.
  • Being able to print via an app.
  • High yield per page of ink.
  • Printer, copier, and scanner all in one.
  • Very affordable ink costs.
  • Ink tank technology.
  • Alexa-compatible.


  • Higher upfront costs.

Best Printer for Cricut Maker – Buying Guide

We are aware of how difficult it can be to navigate the world of printers, this buying guide provides thorough information on things to consider while looking for the best printer for a Cricut.

Buying Guide

Cost of Ink

Some printers don’t cost a lot to buy initially, but you’ll need to spend a lot of money on supplies like pricey ink.

The majority of Cricut projects are color printed, which can drastically increase ink costs. The activation of ink subscriptions is an additional approach to reducing operating costs.

By investing in a printer that is compatible with any of the reputable ink replenishment services, you may save money on ink cartridges.

If you have a large number of print jobs that you’re trying to complete, you may want to consider purchasing multiple printers.

Printers are very different and most have their own quirks and features. If you’re looking for the best printer, then we have some suggestions that should help you decide what’s best for your needs.

Most of us don’t print at home a lot, but when we do, we’ll need a printer. We can get by with using a basic, cheap printer, but there are better options out there.


Your design process already consumes a significant amount of time in your workflow, so you want to be sure that the printer you choose will facilitate rather than slow down your crafting process.

As a result, it’s critical to look out for specific features that will greatly simplify your life when you’re cricutting.

If you use the Cricut for large projects, you will require a quick printer. Pages per minute (PPM) or inches per minute are the units used to measure a printer’s printing speed (IPM).

The faster it will function, the higher this value. Additionally, keep in mind that the print speed may be a little slower than the stated speed.


Because they provide the most ease, wireless cricutting machines are what we advise. You won’t be limited to printing only from your computer but will also be able to print from your tablet, desktop, laptop, phone, and other wireless devices.

Additionally, some wireless printers come with a free app that will allow you to send your designs straight from your device to the printer.

This will make it easier to share your creations with friends, family, and anyone else you want to bring into your project.

Wireless printers can be an extremely beneficial addition to your crafting process. In fact, many of us already use them in our daily lives. You’ll find them in offices, libraries, restaurants, gyms, and even on airplanes.

Paper Weight

Having fun and making whatever you want is the key to cutting! Because of this, you must think carefully about what you intend to create and whether your preferred printer can meet your expectations. Therefore, it should be obvious that you will require several types of paper.

Crafting papers generally range in weight and thickness, and as a general rule, the heavier the paper, the more powerful the printer will require to print and cut it.

If you are unsure which type of paper you require, ask your local craft store for assistance. You can also look up the paper’s weight and thickness online if you wish.

More Function

Only Cricut designs will be printed on the printer, right? Do you think having scanning and copying equipment would be useful or necessary?

To assess whether you actually need an all-in-one printer, ask yourself these questions before making a purchase.

Only get an all-in-one printer if you definitely require the extra capabilities because they are larger and more expensive than standalone printers.

If you are planning to use your printer for photo printing, make sure that it supports photo paper and has an automatic document feeder (ADF) so that you can scan directly from your photo printer.

Most all-in-one printers have automatic document feeders, but you may want to make sure that the ADF is compatible with your photo printer’s size and type of media.


Why is Cricut not letting me print?

If you are having trouble sitting through a print job once it starts, it is probably due to your printer spooling too fast.

Stay close by the printer for the first few minutes of the job and then when you see the Cricut logo on your computer screen, release the pressure from the cutting mat.

After a few minutes, the printer should go back to a normal speed. If your printer keeps speeding up, then you may need to replace the spool or make sure the cables are properly connected.

Can a Cricut do Normal Printing?

The Cricut can print on normal paper. The Cricut is a cutting machine, not a printer. You would have to run the computer software that is for the Cricut to print out whatever you have on the computer.

If you want to print you will have to buy a printer or use someone else.

What is a Cricut Maker?

The Cricut maker is a cutting machine that is usually made for crafting and cutting images from vinyl or vinyl material. You can also print from your computer and print on regular printers.

The Cricut maker can cut out and trace various images and designs from vinyl or vinyl. This machine is usually made for both home and commercial use.

It is compatible with a wide range of materials like vinyl, paper, wood, leather, fabric, and plastic.

Does the Cricut print in color?

Yes. These printers are completely color. It is up to you what colors you want to use. You can get any color you want in the machine, including white, gray, and black.

Do Laser Printers also work for Cricut Prints?

Laser printers are very different from inkjet printers as they use a laser to print instead of ink.

The printer uses a toner cartridge that contains powder, not liquid ink. The powder is fused to the paper or transparency with heat and pressure, creating the text and images.

Laser printers today are affordable, compact, fast, and efficient. So, it doesn’t matter whether you have a laser or inkjet printer.

Final Words

I’ve used the Cricut for personal projects, and the results are awesome. I made my own wedding invitations, custom thank you cards, and wedding decor.

The possibilities with the Cricut are endless. So if you’re interested in having your own Cricut but you’re not sure how much it’s going to cost, I highly recommend checking out the Cricut Maker.

If the abundance of printer options available makes choosing one seem intimidating, make the process simpler by first deciding what you will use the printer for most frequently. 

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